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Our ambidextrous putter has been two years in the making with design and testing of several prototypes as well as computer testing. We have had numerous individuals try our product design and have listened to professional golfers as well as non professional golfers.

I am 69 years old and over a prolonged period of time bending over trying to practice putting, I have suffered back strain. I have listened to professional PGA golfers complain of back strain or back problems having to bend over to make putts. It is for that reason I decided to try a different approach and still maintain the traditional style.

The length and weight balance characteristics of this club and the angle of the shaft to the putter head as designed causes the individual to stand more erect thus allowing the individual to practice longer and to enjoy the game even more. Because you're able to practice for longer intervals without back strain you naturally become a better player.

This design eliminates the need for an anchor putter or a belly putter. We believe if you will try our product you will discover a new and beneficial way to lower your scores.

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Joe Monroe

Below are some companies that have contributed to the manufacture of the Ambidextrous line of putters.

Thanks to:

Inland Precision Technologies -9309 Narnia Dr. Riverside, CA 92503
(951) 486-1382 - www.inlandprecisiontechnologies.com
Western Trophy - 8746 Limonite Ave - Riverside, CA 92509 
(951) 685-6885 - http://www.awesomeawardsriversideca.com


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