MAR 27 - 29th 2015

Long Beach Convention Center



A golfer only use a driver a few times in 18 holes but uses a putter on every hole. That is why we believe the Joe Monroe putter with it's simple but efficient design will lower your scores and increase your putting confidence. We feel if (you try it you will own it!)

what if?

If you could practice putting longer without getting fatigued you could be a better putter!


This putter has been described as the perfect balance. With the adjustable weights you can change the balance to fit your style of putting. It is designed to give you the best results with the least amount of effort. The upright position is Perfect for the player's who wish to reduce back fatigue.

Joe Monroe,

Founder of the Ambidextrous Putter

March 2014: USGA approves the Ambidextrous putter as a conforming putter.

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